Helios models are available in two versions according to the direction of the projection system viz. either horizontal or vertical. The horizontal version is particularly suitable for checking cylindrical components to be fixed between dead centres or placed on “V” supports, as well as for specimens to be clamped by means of vices. The vertical version is more convenient for checking small and thin components to be placed directly on the glass stage of the worktable. Therefore this latter version is mainly useful in the production of small metal ware, as well as plastic, rubber, electronic components and the alike. A distinguished feature of the Standard composition includes the linear transducers and encoder as well as the new digital displays/data processor with touch screen model 780-M-Touch. The new system allows carrying out direct two co-ordinates and angular measurements in addition to main geometric functions data processor. The device is complete with the optical sensor (edge finder) for on fly measurements with diascopic projection.