The IBRit – rf1 radio module series allows the wireless transmission of measured values from gauges to a PC. The miniature radio modules are a technology step in the interface technology and replace gauge connection cables and interface boxes.

Features :

  • Easy handling
  • Full data security
  • Low cost
  • Connection of all gauges
  • Trans. confirmation
  • Compact size
  • Long distance
  • Long battery life time
  • Efficient working
  • CE & FCC approval
  • Tolerance reply
  • Individually programmable
  • 120 gauges
  • 120 PC – Stations

Function description :

On the PC side the wireless communication with the gauges occurs via the radio module IBRit – rf1 – usb. The module is connected via an USB – Port to the PC and allows the communication with 1 … 120 gauge radio modules.

The assignment of the data from the different gauges occurs by address numbers. The address number and other individual radio module settings for the particular gauge type can be transmitted from the PC to the gauge radio modules and are stored there. The corresponding PC – Software IBR_SimKey is included in the delivery.

The maximum transmission distance depends strongly on the environment. In free field the distance is  approximately 650 ft ( 200 m ). The transmission of a measured value is triggered by pressing the data key on the gauge or radio module.

The special data coding with a double checksum and the direct confirmation from the PC to the radio module guarantee an absolute data security. A transmission error, i.e. caused by a radio interference, is detected by the communication protocol between PC and gauge radio module. The data transmission is automatically repeated within 0,01 … 0,08 seconds up to 3 times.

A successful data transmission is automatically confirmed to the user by a green flashing light and short beep tone on the gauge radio module. If the measuring value could not be received by the PC, then a red LED is flashing and two longer beep tones are informing the user about the error. Additional to the transmission confirmation the radio modules allow with a 3 – coloured LED the displaying of the tolerance position from the transmitted measuring value.