The TR Scan offers an innovative alternative to classical surface measurement. Its modular concept, allowing adaptation to each application, and its simple use, make it very efficient in the workshop. Because of its simplicity of use, the TR Scan can be operated by workshop personnel to get reliable results secured with minimum training. All measured surfaces can be treated according to current international standards such as ISO, DIN, JIS, ASME, CNOMO etc., as well as the upcoming ISO 25178 3D standard. The TR Scan is completely designed and manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards. Robustness, reliability and longevity are part of our tradition. Trimos instruments have been used in workshops and labs for over 30 years. The interchangeability of the measuring heads gives the possibility to select the most appropriate technology for each application. This flexibility allows the characterization of surfaces in numerous application fields, such as mechanical industry (all types of machined surfaces), car and aerospace industries, photovoltaics, as well as plastics, papers, imprints, fibrous materials, wood, abrasives, paint, cosmetics, etc.