The V7 height gauges combine technological innovation and tradition.
With their touch-display and lateral insert holders, which have proven their worth for decades, the V7 rank as universal instruments for the workshop. In spite of an entirely revisited interface, Trimos instruments philosophy has been maintained and the user will have no difficulty whatsoever to rapidly take it in hand.
The touch display allows a maximal simplified use as no superfluous information is displayed and therefore the number of functions buttons is limited to what is strictly necessary. Functions, normally considered as complex, such as 2D, programming, statistics, become child’s play. It results in an unequalled ease of use and therefore a substantial increase in productivity.

The pair of lateral insert holders comes from generations of instruments that have forged the reputation of Trimos. Their great robustness and flexibility allow the use of very diverse probes up to 400 mm long with a breathtaking repeatability.

The V7 are equipped with the revolutionary displacement handwheel allowing the user to choose either the manual or motorized displacement mode.

  • Measuring ranges 400 to 1800 mm
  •  Simple and easy-to-use graphic interface
  •  Electronically adjustable measuring force
  •  Manual or motorized displacement
  •  2D, programming, statistics
  •  Large range of accessories
  •  All possible adjustments without tools
  •  Interfaces RS232 and USB
    A : Adjustable touchdisplay
    with intuitivefunctions
    B : Handwheel for
    measuring carriage
    movement. Manual
    or motorized mode
    C : Horizontal
    displacement handle
    with functions
    buttons and air
    D : Additional probe
    E : Probe weight
    balance system
    F : Interchangeable
    insert and probe
    G : Cast iron base
    for optimal stability